Scienced Athletics



Our vision is to bring sport science to everyone. For years the training and rehabilitation methods of high-level sport were only for select elite athletes and not accessible to the general public. At SCIENCED Athletics we are breaking the mold, bringing a paradigm changing and truly unique approach to personal training, rehabilitation and athletic development so you can perform for life!


SCIENCED Athletics is the first public gym environment to utilize advanced sport science technologies to assess and train all clients. At SCIENCED athletics we use an evidence-based process driven by current exercise science and informed through data to bring world class and individualized training and rehabilitation to you.

We use cutting edge sport science technology to assess, monitor progress and provide real time bio-feedback while our Strength & Conditioning Coaches, Physiotherapists, Clinical Exercise Physiologists, Kinesiologists, and Sport Scientists apply scientifically backed methods to help you achieve your goals.


At SCIENCED Athletics we believe everyone should have access to and benefit from the application of sport science and sports technology. We believe an individualized approach grounded in scientific research, and applied by knowledgeable, informed and experienced sport practitioners is the only way to approach physical preparation and rehabilitation.