SCIENCED Athletics combines state-of-the-art technology with physiotherapy for objective assessments and treatments all while monitoring progress through your rehabilitation.

Your First Physiotherpay Session @ SCIENCED Athletics

Your first physiotherapy session will always begin with a detailed assessment going through a subjective history of your current and past injuries and goals. Following this is an objective analysis of your movement and strength. What sets SCIENCED Athletics a part from other physiotherapy clinics is the utilization of sport science technology providing real time measurements of your strength to determine weaknesses, muscle imbalances and to monitor your progress throughout the process.

Your physiotherapist will work closely with your coach or others in your medical team to make sure every aspect of your rehab is addressed. This can help to ensure you continue working toward your fitness and performance goals.

Physiotherapy Services

  • Education on the injury, prognosis and prevention strategies
  • Exercise to improve mobility, stability, reduce pain and strengthen
  • Manual therapy and joint manipulation
  • Intra-muscular stimulation (IMS) / dry needling
  • Prehab and post-surgical care
  • Objective return to sport testing
  • Access to a full gym for movement analysis and performance rehabilitation