Meet Our Team

SCIENCED Athletics Coach Jermaine

Jermaine John

B.Kin MAJ, CSEP-CEP, CSEP-HPS – Senior Strength & Conditioning Coach

Jermaine John comes to SCIENCED-Athletics as an experienced dancer and high-performance specialist for Artistic Athletes. With a career built on creating longevity in artistic sports and the performing arts, Jermaine has worked with many athletes and artists in a wide range of settings. He hopes to encourage mindfulness in load management, body & spatial awareness, and movement competency within a strength and conditioning environment to create longevity in artistic sports.

As a clinical exercise physiologist, Jermaine structures his training with results-based feedback. He teaches from a holistic perspective on health and wellness, athletic-aesthetic-artistic awareness, and skill mastery. Building on his interests in human kinetics and metabolism (and the balance between them), Jermaine has an extensive understanding of healthy living practices coupled with a physiological and biochemical approach to sport performance and quality of life.

Jermaine has previously worked with amateur and professional athletes/teams from the Bolshoi & GOH Ballets, Artistic Swimming & Gymnastics, Climbing Escalade Canada, Karate Canada, NLL, NHL, MLS, Skate Canada, Special Olympics BC, Cheer Canada, Sionnaine Irish Dance Academy & BC Highland Dance, Team Canada Dance, Ottawa School of Dance as well as National and International Figure Skating and Ice Dance Champions with Finland, Japan, Korea, Estonia, Germany, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Australia, and Team Canada.

Jermaine works with individuals at all levels of personal fitness, and has a special interest in helping those with medical concerns (especially metabolic conditions, such as diabetes), and improving the performance of artistic athletes. His clients benefit from his guidance, as well as his friendship, as he encourages them to improve active daily living and performance outcomes. Let’s inspire from a belief rooted in self-empowerment.

SCIENCED Athletics Founder Sean

Seán Mc Keown

MSc CSCS – Applied Sport Scientist

Seán brings over 15 years of experience as a strength and conditioning coach and applied sport scientist to SCIENCED Athletics. Following on from 6 years at the former multidisciplinary Fortius Sport & Health, Seán has provided strength and conditioning and integrated sport science support to practitioners, sport medicine professionals, athletes, organizations and individual clients.

Seán is a graduate of the BSc in Sport and Exercise Science and MSc in Sport Performance from the University of Limerick in Ireland and has worked extensively with ice hockey, field hockey, rugby, soccer and winter sport athletes as well as personal training clients. Applying a scientific approach, Seán’s philosophy emphasises the need for appropriate assessment and informed programming for all clients. In particular Seán has developed work processes using sport science technologies, data analytics and the most modern sport science research to develop athletic profiles to inform and individualize training for clients.

In his downtime Seán is an avid rugby player, enjoys cycling and most of all spending time with his fiancé and eternal support Joanna.

Christian Kubas

MPT, B.Kin, CG-IMS – Registered Physiotherapist

Christian received his Master of Physical Therapy from the University of British Columbia in 2014. Prior to this he completed his Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of the Fraser Valley where he worked as a personal trainer through his studies. With this background, he bridges the gap between traditional rehab settings on a table to performance and gym environments. He treats clients along the entire spectrum from when an injury has just occurred up until they have fully returned to what they love doing. This continuity of care ensures every part of the rehab journey is addressed and his clients come out better than before. Christian utilizes an eclectic approach including manual therapy, IMS / dry needling, exercise and education to optimize and restore normal movement pain free. He has worked with Olympic / elite athletes, youth sports and a variety of weekend warriors including those in rugby, cycling, skiing, running and weightlifting.

Christian currently teaches Orthopedic Pathology to RMT students and is a published lead author in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. He also covers the sidelines as a first responder for youth and men’s rugby.

SCIENCED Athletics Coach Amanda

Amanda Jones

M.Kin, CSCS – Strength & Conditioning Coach

Ontario born and raised, Amanda completed her BSc Kinesiology at McMaster University before moving to the west coast to complete her Master of Kinesiology in Coaching Science from the University of British Columbia. During her studies Amanda worked at Fortius Sport & Health as the KidsMove Coordinator and Strength and Conditioning Coach. There, she was responsible for the development and implementation of a physical and health education program in the Burnaby School District for children aged 9-12. In addition, Amanda worked with a with a wide variety of national, collegiate, and youth athletes as well as private clientele.

Currently, Amanda is the Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach for the University of British Columbia’s Varsity Athletics program. In this role, she oversees the Women’s Basketball, Field Hockey, Rugby, Soccer, Softball, and Volleyball teams S&C program. She works closely with the integrated support team to carry out training plans and supervises a team of Graduate and Undergraduate student coaches.

As a former varsity soccer and rugby player, Amanda is passionate about youth athlete development, injury prevention, and sports performance. She is dedicated to helping all individuals optimize their health, well-being, and performance goals, whatever they may be. Amanda welcomes you to SCIENCED Athletics!

SCIENCED Athletics Coach Tom

Tom Clifford

MSc CSCS – Strength & Conditioning Coach

Tom joins SCIENCED Athletics after spending the last 10 years gaining experience within the Strength and Conditioning Industry across the globe.

Tom attended the University of Gloucestershire in the UK and graduated with a Masters of Science in Applied Sport and Exercise Science. While completing his Master’s he was able to work with elite and professional athletes from a variety of sports including Bob Skeleton and Soccer.

After graduating Tom had a desire to explore the world, experience different cultures and gain experience working within the industry. His travels have led him to spend time in Australia, Singapore, and the last 3 years in Calgary, working with a variety of different athletes and sports ranging from Professional Rugby Union and League players in Australia to Ice Hockey athletes in Calgary.

Over the years, Toms’ coaching philosophy and principles have developed into helping maximise the potential of his clients and see these results in the sporting arena where it counts!! From this, as with the vast majority of sports, acceleration, and speed reign king. With attention to the specific details and movement patterns required, Toms’ philosophy is focused on addressing imbalances, helping to prevent injury and improve acceleration and change of direction.

Max Stanton

M.Kin, CSCS, BCAK – Strength & Conditioning Coach / Kinesiologist

Max completed his BSc in Kinesiology at UFV, before going on to do his MKin at UBC. Max joins Scienced Athletics after 5 years of working with the Vancouver Whitecaps as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. In that time Max has also worked with athletes of a variety of sports, and levels, from youth to masters level and professional.

Max’s main passion is end-stage rehabilitation, and guiding everyone back to their normal function following injury and simply doing what they love. He believes a well-designed program of strength and mobility is the key to preventing injury, and can alleviate the everyday aches and pains.

If you missed Max in the gym he’s probably out for a run, biking, or snowboarding.

Chayanne Khodabandeh

B.Kin, SportMedBC-AT – Kinesiologist / Athletic Trainer

Having graduated with his Bachelor of Kinesiology from the University of British Columbia, Chayanne specializes in using active rehabilitation to treat a wide variety of musculoskeletal conditions. Growing up with an athletic background in rugby and tennis, Chayanne fell in love with the world of training and rehabilitation through his own experience of injury. Chayanne’s philosophy is to empower individuals to understand their bodies at a greater level. With the believe that building confidence in our ability to trust our bodies is as equally important as physical training itself.

Chayanne comes to SCIECNED Atheltics having previously worked as an athletic trainer, treating a variety of minor to severe injuries. In addition to the time spent at SCIECNED Athletics, Chayanne plays a leading role for a cancer fundraising initiative that has raising funds for the Canadian Cancer Society. Having come from a family with cancer survivors, Chayanne’s desire to help people achieve optimal health and wellness extend far beyond the gym.

Chayanne aims to continue his education with the goal of becoming a chiropractor one day.