We make state-of-the art, applied sport science analyses accessible to anyone interested in optimizing their health and performance.


We serve as a community resource for evaluating and monitoring your health, fitness and performance​.

SCIENCED Athletics sport scientists and exercise physiologists provide a variety of applied sport science assessments using validated methods and state-of-the-art technology.


Wondering if your current diet matches your performance goals? At SCIENCED Athletics, our resting metabolic rate assessment uses state of the art gas analysis to directly measure you RMR.

The key to losing weight safely and effectively is to eat enough nutrient-rich foods to stay above your RMR, but below your daily caloric needs. This test is the most precise way to find out exactly how many calories you need to eat in order to reach your goals, whether for weight loss, weight gain, or optimal fueling for performance. During this test you will rest in a comfortable position for 15-20 minutes while breathing into a mouth piece. You will receive a detailed report outlining:

  1. The fuel sources your body uses during daily activities
  2. Your metabolic health
  3. Your nutrition requirements based on your metabolic rate and fitness goal.


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VO2max is the maximum amount of oxygen the body can consume to produce energy, which is directly related to performance. Using the PNOĒ system, we will take you through a progressive and individualized exercise test. Using this data, we will provide actionable recommendations for you to improve your training and / or inform your diet.

This is a rigorous test recommended for individuals who are serious about understanding their cardiovascular and metabolic fitness. The assessment takes approximately 45-60 minutes and can be conducted on a treadmill or on your own bike trainer either in house at SCIENCED Athletics or in your own home. You will receive a report outlining specific information about your current physiological status, as well as recommendations to help our performance nutritionists and strength and conditioning coaches to design training and nutrition plans to optimize your performance.

Your report will outline:

  1. Your V02max
  2. Your training thresholds – Ventilatory and Anaerobic Thresholds
  3. Your training zones
  4. Your mechanical efficiency
  5. Your max fat burn zone

Save up to 10% when purchased as part of a SCIENCED Exercise Physiology Package or custom Package.


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V02max & RMR

What’s Included:

  1. V02max
  2. RMR

*V02max & RMR Packs also available for In-Home assessments.

We can create custom packages of any of the above services to best inform your health and training. We can also create custom packages with any other SCIENCED Athletics service. Let us know what you require and we can custom build that package for you!

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