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Force Decks

Force Frame


Force Decks​

Dual force plates allow for unparalleled insight into your neuromuscular performance, giving real time feedback on your asymmetries and movement strategies. At SCIENCED Athletics our coaches have the expertise to apply this data to your training program. With real time bio-feedback our force platforms allow for assessment and tracking of strength and stability in major movements, assess injury risk and monitor training status.

Sport Science Informed Training: Forced Deck

Sport Science Informed Training: Forced Frame

Force Frame

Combining advanced sensors with real-time bio-feedback and analytics, the ForceFrame is an adaptable and accurate system for assessing your muscle strength and imbalances of the upper and lower body. At SCIENCED Athletics our coaches use the Force Frame to develop and perform training specific to your needs. We can track your progress in real time and make decisions based on objective data.


Hamstring injury is one of the most common sporting injuries in sports requiring high speed running. The NordBord is a fast, easy, accurate and reliable system for monitoring your hamstring strength and imbalances.

Combining advanced sensors, real-time data visualization and cloud analytics, the NordBord is a comprehensive system for accurately quantifying and monitoring hamstring strength and imbalances. At SCIENCED Athletics we incorporate this system into our training programs to ensure appropriate levels of strength are maintained, assess injury risk and track recovery from injury.

Sport Science Informed Training: NordBord

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