Personal Training

SCIENCED Athletics brings world-class coaching and state of the art technology together to provide a new type of training service for everyone.

Personal Training

Personal Training is perfect for you if you are looking to get fit, have fun, and be held accountable. All our training methods are backed by research and shown to be successfull. 


Personal training packages are designed for general fitness and training. Programs are built out for the days in which you are training in person with your coach at SCIENCED Athletics and available for at home training through our training app.


We offer customized private (1 on 1) and semi-private (2-3 on 1) sessions that blend informed exercise prescription, expert coaching, motivation and education to help you achieve your sport, health and fitness goals.


SCIENCED Atheltics is home to a team of passionate, highly-educated and experienced personal training and strength & conditioning coaches from a variety of sport and health backgrounds.

Small Group Training

If personal training isnt the right fit for you why not try Small Group Training. Small Group training is training program in a motivating small group environment with 3-6 adults in each group. Coaches provide individualized support to each participant, with the focus on building whole-body strength, cardiovascular endurance, movement efficiency, flexibility and having fun in the process.

1 on 1 Personal Training Packages

SAVE 20-30% when purchasing training packages compared to single services.

After completing your initial personal training package, you can purchase any add on of training sessions before needing to repurchase a package to reassess your progress and update your program.


5 Sessions


What’s Included?
1 Assessment
1 Individualized Program
4 Training Sessions


9 Sessions


What’s Included?
1 Assessment
1 Individualized Program
8 Training Sessions


13 Sessions


What’s Included?
1 Assessment
1 Individualized Program
12 Training Sessions


21 Sessions


What’s Included?
1 Assessment
1 Individualized Program
20 Training Sessions

Single Services

If you’re keen to try a session before committing, or you’re on the move and want to keep up your schedule while you’re in town, our single sessions are an easy and hassle-free option.

Personal Training Session - $110

1 x 60 Minute Personal Training Session

Personal Training Assessment & Program - $300

1 x Assessment + 6-8 Week Online Program

Add-On Services

1 on 1 Add-On Sessions – SAVE up to 15% compared to Single Service Sessions


4 Sessions


8 Sessions


12 Sessions


20 Sessions

SCIENCED Custom Training Packages

Are you already working with a personal traininer, S&C coach or physiotherapist? We can create custom packages of testing, training and rehabiliation services for your individual circumstance. Let us know what you require and we can custom build that package for you!